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Welcome to Fearless Visibility Diva, a 6-module journey to help you become a fearlessly visible, fiercely profitable and hugely impactful solopreneur. This programme is jam-packed with life-changing mindset tools and simple strategies to help you grow your business.

Drop me an email over at ruby@rubymcguire.com and tell me a bit about you and your biz. I’d
love to start a conversation with you and share a few useful nuggets to help you along on your

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Let me introduce you to my fabulous Straighten Your Crown sessions. Your crown might be wonky for so many reasons. You may have lost your confidence and feel like an imposter. Perhaps you’re taking action but it’s not creating results, or you’re procrastinating but not sure why. Let’s ditch your mindset blocks, create a battle plan for your business and step up as a Queen. Now’s the time to set your crown straight again.